I Guess I’m Going to AX 2010!

♪ ♫ AX comes but once  a year

Now it’s here, now it’s here

Bringing lots of joy and cheer

lalalalala…♪ ♫

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Boxing up figures (And holy crap, I’m going to college)

I told you I was messy (Oh yes, and that is a shiny new-ish laptop)

Now that it’s nearly time for me to go off to school, I’ve been in the process of cleaning and reorganizing my desk, as well as other areas of the house for my parents to use.  It feels funny seeing everything changing.  The manga that use to take up the second shelf of my bookcase has been replaced by my dad’s wastewater treatment handbooks ^^;

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Might as well make it official

If you haven’t noticed, the time I’ve been spending in the otaku fandom has become infrequent and erratic.  Don’t fret; I haven’t forgotten about you guys and I’m not disappearing.  I’ve just had a lot happen lately in my personal life.

I’m on AIM a lot more these days, so feel free to yell at me/tell me you love me.  My current main SN is cocobeans142.  FairyPresea is my other one but sometimes I forget to turn it off invisible mode.  I also have a habit of wrong window-ing, so if I send you ascii genitalia I apologize in advance. orz

Little yandere girl (boy?) unrelated.

Cosplay Finished! + Pre AX post

The Nijihara Ink cosplay is finally done!

My dear sister made the majority of it because I am too dumb to figure out how to measure correctly.  We also just finished it last night. (lol procrastination) YAY!  Thanks sis!

I’ll be wearing this at AX tomorrow, which is the only day I will be going.   It would have been great to go to DancingQueen’s panel and the DC meetup but I can’t go on Saturday, unfortunately.  If you see me do drop by and say hi, I won’t have a cleaver with me, promise.  I’ll most likely be hopping around with various friends’ groups, but I’ll be with a ~Sexy French Man~ for the whole time I’m there. He’s my personal bodyguard. :3  (No, he’s not a Hetalia cosplayer.  And France isn’t sexy anyway)

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