It’s okay to come out lurkers, Linsay won’t hurt you. :3

After some consideration (and lots of encouragement from xJaymanx 😛 ) I’ve decided to finally start a blog!  Although I’m going to be doing lots of experimentation, the current plan is to make this a place for me to post fun doodles and works-in-progress, cool things I feel like sharing, and the occasional figure review. But hey, who knows what I’ll end up doing. You never know unless you try, right?

Onward, ho!


10 responses

  1. @lightningsabre: did you invoke her hidden yandere side? 😛

    @Mimi: thanks! ^o^

    @xjaymanx: Heh heh, that’s so true!

    @FatB: I’m going to try and keep it updated. Hopefully it’ll help me learn how to not get sidetracked.

    @min: ❤

  2. @Gordon: Hey there! Thanks for the support! 😀

    I think I should send some emails to the folks in my blogroll. I guess I’ve been a bit er…shy about it? A lot of those blogs center around figures and I’m not sure if they want to link to a blog that will most likely only sparingly post about the subject. ^^;;

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