Spring not-really-a-break

Spring Break starts tomorrow! I’m heading up north to visit Davis this weekend to check out the University of California Davis. (Along with a friend of mine who’s also considering going .) Everyone’s been telling me it’s really pretty there. And full of cows!

As for the rest of spring break, I’m considering shutting myself in a room to study hardcore for chemistry. (FFFFF what is going on in that class I don’t get it D: ) Grr.. and I have to finish the rest of my senior project and read The Republic.

I’m going to be posting up some figures photos I took recently next week-ish as well. So stay tuned for that.


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  1. @Coco-chan: Hmm, Cali, cows and chemistry! In other words, smog, smell and smoke. What a c-c-combo, Coco, lol. Hey, have fun and good luck. We’ll still be here (sadly), lol. ^_~

  2. @Jay: Hmm, I don’t think I had to deal with smoke in any of my chem labs. Unless you count that time I was making s’mores with a bunsen burner and the marshmallow caught on fire.

    @Lightning: I know! It’s so confusing isn’t it! I barely passed 1st semester. xD

    @Rin: It should be up soon! 😀

    @Phossil: Thanks! It’s nice to be out of school for a bit. And I get to sleep more!

  3. @Coco-chan: Ahh, that’s the problem. If u had turned the burner to its hottest blue-white setting, the marshmallow should’ve cooked with hardly any smoke at all… Well, assuming I wasn’t making this up, lol. >_<;

  4. My brother goes to UCD 😀 I might have actually ended up going there too since I only got accepted into UCD and UCI -__- So if you want to know anything about there too I could ask my brother XD

  5. @Jay- I don’t even remember what color the flame was lol. Only that there was a crackling sound, and what do you know, my marshmallow was burning.

    @finaltriggerx: Really? Whoa, awesome! 😀 Btw, yahoo seems to be having trouble with my mail account so I’ll have to get back to your message when the problem’s fixed. ^^;

    @Sarith: I’m already back though. D: I didn’t get a chance to visit Berkeley, unfortunately.

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