Nijihara and other things

I wish to pinch her cheeks

My, oh, my.  Getting distracted again!

Before I post photos, there’s just a few things I need to ask.  Does anyone know of good programs for resizing/watermarking multiple pictures at once?  I don’t want to end up spending 30 minutes on something that could only take five.

By the way, I’m having a kiriban on my deviantart.  Basically, if you’re the 10,000th visitor, take a screenshot, send it to me, and I’ll draw a request for you. (Up to 2 characters, simple background)

My About page has also been updated slightly.   Not sure what to write there lol.  What do you guys want to know about me?


20 responses

  1. @Coco-chan: Awww, pinchable indeed! Well, I use Photoshop to record my actions (to resize, enhance and watermark) once, then automate the recorded actions for batches of images, sometimes several dozen at a time in just a few minutes… Hmm, it’s up to u, whatever info u feel like sharing or things u should warn us about, lol… Umm, wait a sec, how do I know I’ll be the 10,000th visitor? ^_^;

  2. What Jayman said for the automation in Photoshop. I don’t use it much for my watermarking because I like to place it manually that doesn’t cover the picture much.

    Gyah cute Ink! If you had a full body picture, I’d be asking which cheeks you want to pinch 😛

  3. Use a program called VSO Image Resizer.
    It’s easy to use and you can even use water mark.
    I use this program all the time and it saves a load of time.

  4. Just dropped by to say hi, read your comments on dannychoo, clicked on your profile, saw that you are also Taiwanese, and here i am. Anyways, nice to know someone who is also from Taiwan that shares my hobbies. so, i guess i’ll just say “hi!” and be on my way.

  5. @Jay: Oh wow, I didn’t even know you could do that in photoshop. Thanks for the tip! I dunno what to share, since I’m not too good at describing myself. xD Oh yeah, and right under the gallery tab there’s a spot for statistics, where the pageview numbers are located.

    @lightningsabre: As of now, my watermark is only plain text in arial font, so it’s pretty nonobstructive on most things.

    LOL. Your mind is in the gutter. xD

    @Rin: Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll give it a go and see how it is!

    @Allen: I’m not actually from Taiwan, just my parents. ^^ Have only been there once as a baby and again when I was 12. Though I hope to go there again soon to see family. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. @Coco-chan: You’re welcome!… So basically, I gotta wait about 900+ more views, and somehow time it so I can get the “10,000” screencap? Too cruel, lol. >_<

  7. @Ichiro: Hey! Nice to see you here! I haven’t tried SAI yet but I know people who are just in love with the program. I hear it makes good lineart too. Most likely I’ll be downloading the trial during summer break so I can make the most of the 7 days.

    @Marshmallow: Ink is always moe! Always. :3

  8. I hope I can figure out before the end of senior year ^^” Also did you check out the campus? How’d you like it? Decide where you want to go yet? 😛

  9. @Jay: Speaking of kiribans, I missed two in the last week. One by only 3 and the other by 24. ;_;

    @Finaltriggerx: I actually changed the day to this weekend since some stuff came up last week. Right now I’m pretty strongly leaning towards Davis though. ^^

  10. “Me likes your art and therefore shall stalk your DeviantArt for it, haha!”

    This is my first time hearing of ‘kiriban’, though. Learned a new word, yay:)

    p.s: Ooh- love the blueness:)

  11. @aprilius20: Hehe, good luck! ^0^ I didn’t hear about Kiriban until I signed up for dA and it kept popping up in the journals I watched.

    The theme is nice and soothing, isn’t it? 🙂

  12. lol, and thanks to you I realized that I actually have an account there- tried to sign up but it told me that the user name I entered was taken- turned out I beat myself to it and forgot about it^^;;

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