The figure gods must hate me

Yes, this is a BAWWWWW post

Here’s the story: two weeks ago I placed an order through AnimeTruck on for Hikaru, and got a shipping confirmation on Tuesday.  All is swell, and the world is full of joy and laughter and candy…until Friday when I receive yet another email informing me that my order has been canceled due to being out of stock.

I raged, got over it, and noticed AnimeKing had the same figure.  And they’re located in Huntington Beach, which was great for me since I would be passing by that area on Saturday.  With their ebay price match and the howagirfigures discount, I could get her for like, 15 bucks cheaper.  Sweet!

But noooo, something else happened.  Of course it did, or I wouldn’t be writing this post. Let’s just say I official hate our family’s GPS navigation system now.  Stupid thing couldn’t analyze roads correctly and we ended up reaching the store fifteen minutes later then we could have.  Yeah, it didn’t seem that  bad until I went inside I saw the last Hikaru figure.  In someone else’s hands. That thing has probably been around for ages and someone buys it right on that day?  Right at that time?  F*** my life.

Anyway, apparently she’s apparently “most likely” still in stock at Animeking’s warehouse, so I went ahead and placed an order through thier Amazon store.  But knowing my luck so far, something’s going to go wrong.  God damn it, I just want my Hikaru. (;_;)

Gonna listen to emo music and write horrible poetry now.  Nah I kid, I’ll be watching South Park instead.


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  1. Wow that sucks 😦 Also, what series is Hikaru from? Just curious… looks like a nice figure but I’ve never seen her before ^^”

  2. OUCH! I just hate it when that happens… Just as you get there and it’s in somebody’s hands >.<

    Well if your luck doesn’t change and you can’t get the one from AnimeKing, let me know. I’m thinking of selling mine.

  3. @finaltriggerx: She’s from Peace@Pieces, a Noizi Itoh illustrated eroge.

    Oh yeah, I went to Irvine yesterday. There were baby bunnies hopping around the medical buildings! They were so tiny!

    @lightningsabre: Thanks for the offer! ^^ I think there are one or two more stores selling her around here, so if something comes up I’ll try one of them first though.

    @Michael Flux: I know huh? Talk about bad luck. If I get her there will be photos. Many, many wonderful photos.

  4. @Coco: Really? Noizi Ito is one of my favorite illustrators! (Yet sadly I couldn’t tell by looking at the character design -__-)

    Yeah there’s lots of rabbits on campus although I don’t think I’ve seen many baby ones… I’ll have to go explore that area X3 Yesterday was actually a good day to go, since Wayzgoose was going on and they had campus tours galore. I went on campus to grab some food but that was about it 😛

  5. Awwww….:(

    Well if it makes you feel any better i know….
    maybe 3 retailers in L.A. county that still has
    Hikaru, incase AnimeTruck is a no go again.

    Power Anime, from the last time i visted, still has
    Hikaru. I THINK Anime Jungle still has her, Toylet
    might have her and i think i may have seened her at
    J-Station too. I know i seened her somewhere still in
    stock. Let me know if you need more details if your
    still interested.

  6. @finaltriggerx: Noizi is ❤ When I got to the campus I thought “where is that loud music coming from” until I saw all the Wayzgoose festivities. 😛

    @loli1983: I checked their sites and Poweranime lists her as out of stock. Same with Jungle. 😦 Toylet is rather ambiguous since they didn’t provide any details.
    Thanks for the help. :3 I’ll contact you if for some reason she doesn’t make it.

  7. @Coco-chan: Oh wow, ouch! Like something from an anime scene, but without the oversized sweat drops or bulging forehead veins, lol. Let us know how it goes! I just hope that once u have it, it isn’t broken or missing a piece! ^_~

    P.S. Thanx for the “shout”, hehe.

  8. @phossil: I think they have an automated system that sends out an email 2 days after an order is placed. =_=

    xjaymanx: I couldn’t believe it myself! Now I mostly just find it funny though. xD But imagine if I took her out of the box and her arm pops off or something.

    No prob. I’ll be shouting more in the future. 😀

  9. “Gonna listen to emo music and write horrible poetry now. Nah I kid, I’ll be watching South Park instead.”

    That right there made me laugh. Hope you get her because she’s a cutie.

  10. i understand your pain… Lol. i once ordered a figurine with my friend, and they told me they only had 1, so natarually my friend didn’t get it, since I>my friend XDXD. I hope you get it though. You tried looking at Japanese based online shops?

  11. @Jem: xD
    I did end up getting her. (Though you probably know by now since you looked through my “Photos Galore” post :P)

    @zenical: Lol! Hope your friend wasn’t bummed out about it.
    Animeking pulled through and I got her in the mail last Tuesday, so all is good now. :3

  12. Ah, that’s sad…
    Good luck and trying to get it!!!!!!
    I got mine a long time ago…along with Nagi and Death Sensei…
    I say Nagi is so rare and Hikaru is hard to get…
    Japan has a lot of them though…

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