Photos Galore



Here be the figure photos I promised a while back!

It’s spring now so my backyard is looking great.

Miku in the grass

Miku in the grass

Miku in the grass

Some weeds

Miku in the grass


They look nice now, but when they turn into seeds they get all spikey and are hell to get out off my dog.  Anyone want to recommend weed killers?  We’ve tried so many times. 😦

A look at the fuzzy creature:

Miku in the grass

arf arf!

Youre fat and no one loves you :(

You're fat and no one loves you 😡

And now some of Rin among peach blossoms!  I can’t wait for the actual fruit to grow!

Miku in the grass


Cute, isn't she?

Cute, isn't she?

Miku in the grass

I think I'm one of the few who think Rin>Miku

Miku in the grass

(A cloud passed by)

And now I have Part 2: Indoor shots using natural light while procrastinating on my project.  Oh joy!

Miku in the grass

Ignore the random stuff on my desk. Or be a weirdo and look at it. Your pick.

Miku in the grass

I had a lot of fun taking these!

Miku in the grass

Rin nendo, and my current icon

Miku in the grass

Shoyru from my neopets days. Use to love that site.

Miku in the grass

Tokunaga! I can't find his alternate heads atm.

Miku in the grass

Gretel! I was really lucky to find her at Anime Jungle considering it had been out for years, and she's the most popular character. Was I the only one who watched Otogi-Juushi Akazukin? (Also known as Fairy Musketeers)

Miku in the grass

A try at black and white settings

Miku in the grass

Why so loney, Mr. Chair?

Miku in the grass

So ronery!

Miku in the grass

Himawari. Should I take more pics of her? There aren't as many floating around the net

Miku in the grass


Sega Kagamine Rin

Sega Kagamine Rin.

There’s a shiny version of the Miku/Rin EX set coming out soon.

Miku in the grass


And that’s it!  *Whew* Never knew that photos can take so long to do!  I tried using the photoshop batch processing to do these, but for some reason they didn’t resize some of the photos and I had to do those by hand.  Will try Rin’s suggestion of VSO Image Resizer next time around.

I don’t know how to make my photos look good without using natural light, so I’m at the mercy of mother nature. x(

If anyone wonders what kind of camera I use it’s the Konica Minolta Dimage x1. I don’t know much about cameras but I think this one is pretty simple.  The only fancy camera I have is decades old. (Literally. It’s huge and uses film)

Bonus image taken today:




24 responses

  1. Jeebus! So many pictures!
    Ooooh you gots Hikaru now? Cooo! I actually like Rin’s GSC PVC better than Miku, but if we’re talking about character design and voice then MEIKO > All, imo 😛

    Aww what a cute fat doggie XD What’s your dog’s name?

    Tokunaga… from Tales of the Abyss? Alternate head?? Isn’t that a plushie?

  2. Nice pictures! ^^ I really need to get myself a camera… I’ve been wanting to take pictures for quite a while now 😛 Except I don’t really have that much money to work with >_>

  3. @Coco-chan: Hehe, cute pics!

    Yeah, Photoshop’s batch function can be quite particular. But u have to be consistent in its use… Sometimes the pics aren’t in an expected folder because the source+destination folders have changed since a previous set. Which is why I’ve been using the same set of source+destination folders in the same drive location over and over for years, lol. ^_^

  4. @lightningsabre: Woot! A Meiko fan! 😀 I think she’s the most underrated of all the vocaloids.

    My dogdog’s name is Treasure. :3

    The Tokunaga was from a promotion Namco USA had back when Abyss was first released in North America. I sent in a form and made my sister do one as well, and ended up with the Katamari and Kos Mos heads. 😀

    @Michael Flux: Thanks! I’ll let her know ;D

    @Loli1983: Be aware it is primarily a kid’s show, but the fans have a little bit of the otaku audience overlapping. You’re not going to find an amazingly deep plot or anything, but it puts a smile on my face. 🙂

    @finaltriggerX: Thanks! Maybe you’ll be able to find a slightly older model for a cheaper price? If you search around for deals you should find one eventually

    @phossil: We don’t actually spend that much on our yard as we should, but it looks nice during spring ^^; And thanks!

    @Jay: I tried doing the batch processing for folders, but nothing happened. So I opened up every image and made it process every opened file. It only worked for about half of them x_x I’m still such a photoshop noob. orz

  5. @Coco-chan: Hmm, how did u record your steps?

    First, I open an image from the source folder, then I start recording the steps, which includes resizing, adding the logo-text, saving it to a destination folder, closing the image, then finally, stopping the recording. So when I initiate the batch processing, the source folder should match up. The destination folder should also exist beforehand. Once that works fine, I keep the source and destination forever unchanged, and just move the raw images to the source folder. And just reuse the recorded process forever, haha. Hope that helps!

    P.S. Thanx for the demographics, hahaha.

  6. Ah, you’re in Ca, too. I really like Anime Jungle, but they are Japanese MSRP range which I can’t agree ever since I discovered the internets, lol. I was about to get a Tokunaga Plush set, but Namco Bandai could no longer honor the preorder bonus which I’m really irritated over, considering I had to preorder at my most hated retailer (Lamestop).

    Those are some really nice pictures and your dog is beautiful.

  7. @loli1983: It’s probably more similar to Digimon, since there is an actual story moving it forward and the episodes have some variety.

    @aprilius20: I think they’re suppose to be persimmons. (Which I’ve never been a fan of, although everyone else seems to love them)

    @Jem: I like going to retail stores because the only methods I have for online ordering is money order or prepaid gift cards, which not everyone accepts. Oh, and Amazon, which is pretty much the only site which my parents will trust with their credit card info. (I don’t have my own card yet. ^^;)

    That sucks. 😦 I preordered at gamestop too and had to bug them a bit to get my bonus.

  8. I had to do go through a Tales website that only wanted online Lamestop preorders in order to qualify for the Tokunaga plush set. It turns out in the end that they were not able to fulfill that and I am still waiting for some lame preorder substitution to arrive. That kind of sucks. Sometimes, there are some really great deals on the internet.

  9. @ron~: Thanks! That chair is pretty cool. I thought it would fit figmas but it’s a bit too small, so I have to balance them on.

    @cottoncandy: Thanks! 😀

    @Blowfish: Her name is Treasure. Nah, I love her to bits and pieces. So I end up taking a bajillion pics of her each time. xD

    @Jem: Hmm, I didn’t hear of that promotion. O_o My Tokunaga came from a mail-in order. You didn’t even need to buy the game to get one.

  10. @Coco-chan: Ahh, true. I definitely suffered thru the trial-and-error myself. But hey, thanx! I finally replied to all of your comments, plus added your banner to my “About” page and random rotation.

    But speaking of comments, wow! Hasn’t it been getting kinda crowded here lately? Just a few months ago, it seemed like we’d never open the “Coco Cafe”, lol. ^_~

  11. So glad you got Hikaru. Her and Death Sensei are my favorite Alter figures by far. Also I never realized how beautiful peach blossoms were! I may have to buy a peach tree someday! It brings more awesomeness to the name Touya (means peach blossom in Japanese and is one of my FAVORITE Japanese male names).

  12. @lovelyduckie: Peach trees are nice because you can have both pretty flowers and delicious fruit. Never knew Touya meant peach blossom in Japanese. Maybe it’ll be useful on my Japanese final. ;D

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