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Picture seriously unrelated

Taking a little break from last-minute cramming.  Messages and blog posts to read are piling up. orz ’s generators are amusing.  And each one has mesmerizing graphics, which makes it all the more fun (but quite a terrible time waster). If you haven’t seen them yet, Jay’s and Blowfish’s little experiments with the Correlation Diagram Generator revealed some rather interesting tidbits about the lives of certain bloggers.

Yeah, yeah, I’m jumping on the correlation diagram bandwagon.  BUT- I didn’t input the names of bloggers.  Instead, I used my dangerously underdeveloped OCs (OC = Original character, not Orange County :P)

First off, I haven’t actually introduced any of these characters yet, they’re just scattered across my mind and various bits of scratch paper.  The only ones that I have uploaded are these three girls, but I didn’t want to include them in the generator because they’re what, nine years old?  I can’t see them ending up as “strip friends” or anything of that sort because they’re suppose to be average, happy-go-lucky little kids, not like Rin Kokonoe or anything. (Not that I don’t love that girl.  She’s a complex and intriguing character with the world’s most awesome twintails, but her behavior isn’t exactly the norm. xD)  Gosh, I hope I don’t get any weird search terms because of those last few sentences.

Enough with the rambling, let’s go back on track to what the post was originally for.

Interesting things to note:

  • I made up all of their names on the spot, because I usually don’t name characters unless I force myself to.  With the exception of GIFH and the nameless guy of course.
  • Alex is looking like smug bastard with a ugly scarf, but that’s okay, because he is a smug bastard with an ugly scarf.  James seems disturbingly similar an irl guy I know with the same name so he’s most likely getting renamed.
  • GIFH (Genetically Improved Flying Hamster) is kinda boring.  I’ll skip him.  (So much for “interesting things …)
  • James and Alex are less than lovers, which is oddly accurate.  They’re childhood friends with vague homosexy implications.
  • This one seems to be the most interesting one of the bunch; Sylvia and the nameless guy have some unfinished business.  “No name yet” is actually missing both his right eye and left arm, and Sylvia is a sadistic psychopath.  I have honestly never thought of those two having overlapping storylines before, but this gives me ideas. 8D
  • James finds Sylvia interesting and wonders about the nameless guy.  I’d stay away from them if you value your innocent 14- year old soul.
  • Sylvia is Alex’s homosexual love girl?  Huh, I’ve never been able to think of her as anything but asexual before.  Oh wait, it’s a yellow line, so Alex the homosexual love girl. Gotcha

I’ll catch up to everyones posts soon, promise.  Just needed to take some time to work on my own blog for a bit.  (And ended up taking up more time than intended-oops!)

I’m also drowning in a sea of things to color.




17 responses

  1. @Coco-chan: Hahaha, Genzu diagrams, pseudo-yaoi OCs, and Kodomo no Jikan! Such a dangerous combination, and yet u managed to escape it unscathed, lol.

    P.S. Though I would’ve enjoyed seeing blogger names. ^_^

  2. Oh that thing that Blowfish was playing with! Ah I’m not bored enough to play with it lol. Too many things going on in my head… too many things happening. XD

    And omigawd! The uncoloured drawings look uber cute!

  3. @Fairyasiangirl: You’re long and boring!

    @Jay: Yeah, I don’t know how I managed to make it out in one piece. Blogger names would have been fun too, but I wanted to mix it up a bit. :3

    @ron~: There is a trap in there…somewhere. 😛

    @aprilius20: Genzu’s generators can probably be used to get ideas for a lot of things. Maybe I’ll use the floor plan generator for a future house. Oh ho ho

    @lightningsabre: Hey, weren’t you in that thread on DC where we were making all sorts of weapons with the weapon generator? For some reason “Coco” turned into sukumizu. And thanks for the compliment on the drawings~

  4. @Coco-chan: Awww, thanx, Coco-chan! I appreciate it! Haha, yeah, u mean, like Twitter snacks? Little plain chips or pretzels between the real blogging meals? Twitter crackers? Twackers? LOL, yeah, that sounds about right! Especially the “ehhh” taste. ^_^

    @Coco-chan: Awww, I guess u can no longer be called an “otaku”, eh? Haha, cool idea! Stay tuned for the latest anime hit from Gonzo called “Coco the Downfall”. Action. Suspense. And a bit of melancholy. Awww… Oh! I just altered the “Aprilius” hue to orange so it better matched my red-themed “Blog 201″, lol. That’s all. Same thing with the “Anime News Network” screencap, hehe… You mean, a “Red Cliff” bootleg? Wow, haha. Yeah, my mom fell for one of those video bootlegs in NYC once. But the coughing and laughing? Wouldn’t that *really* be distracting? I just hope your folks returned it to whomever they borrowed it from, as fast as possible!… Yeah, Ignis. Are u saying there’s a “Jingai Makyo” anime out there? And I haven’t noticed? >_<;

  5. @Blowfish: right here:

    @Lightningsabre: It’s the most powerful weapon of all. Next to the stylish hat.

    @gordon: haha, thanks!

    @Jay: Er, should I just reply here? lol.

    Yeah, Twackers. Not really nutritious but you munch on them if there’s not much else around.

    Gonzo producing an anime about the downfall of anime? How ironic. x3 It will probably just be 23 minutes of me watching South Park or old 90s cartoons. Or *gasp* me putting my figmas away to make room for G.I Joes? Duhn duhn duhn! Nah, I’m still heavily into figures.

    I should have noticed the color change XD Lol, I’m dumb.

    Yeah, the noises are really distracting. Imagine if a baby started crying! @_@

    There’s not Jingai Makyo anime out there as of yet, I was referring to the visual novel. Wait, according to the TLWiki there IS a group doing it! Only at 5% so far. Hope they don’t give up partway like so many groups do.

  6. @Coco-chan: Hahaha, no! You’re supposed to comment back on my blog (in the style of Meimi132-chan), lol… I think I’m starting to use her style to include activity on both blogs. ^_^

  7. @Coco-chan: Damn, sorry to hear that! First, stalkers and haters prying into Angry Mimi-chan’s privacy, and now hackers altering your Facebook? WTF! Not only that, but also haters impersonating *me* on Mimi-chan’s ShoutBox too! Definitely sux. I hope you’ve taken steps to change your passwords or limit other accesses. Maybe the moon is out. Or maybe it’s that summery restless time of the year. Argh.

    • What? People impersonating you? Lame. I hope everyone was able to see right through them. There was someone pretending to be Danny in the comments, which was a complete failure since it obviously wasn’t Danny’s blogger profile. And he/she didn’t capitalize the “choo”.

      I’ve changed my password on FB and nothing new has come out, thankfully. I don’t know why everyone is being targeted online lately. Even my school’s prom facebook group was bombarded by some bored out of state kids. -_- It’s probably those summer moons, yeah.

      • @Coco-chan: Haha, u didn’t have to mirror *my* comments too! I was doing that for both of us! But I don’t mind, if u have the time, lol… Yeah, on Mimi-chan’s ShoutBox, someone wrote as me: “xJAYMANx: Joe you naughty boy! :O (I agree though, Mimi has a nice pair of yum-yums)” Oh well. Yeah, Joe also caught someone impersonating him too. {Nods} Yup-yup, I also noticed the guy couldn’t capitalize “Choo”! LOL. But I’m glad nothing else has popped up. Is there a common thread? Maybe just girls are being targetted? Triggered by all those male full-moon hormones?

      • @Jay: I’ll get the hang of this comment thing eventually. @_@

        I’m sure Mimi has known both you and Joe long enough to figure out something is up.

        I dunno, I’ve seen some guys getting a bunch of trolls latching onto them as well.

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