Summer Visual Novel Reading


Summer is fast approaching.  The weather is PMS-ing less nowadays and stays constantly warm instead of flip-flopping between hot and cold. Cause you’re hot then you’re cold. You’re yes then you’re- Okay, I’ll stop quoting Kate Perry songs now before someone beats me with a stick.

Visual Novel play list for this summer

Ever17: This has the record of being the most epic officially translated VN so far, and I’m dying to see what the big fuss is about.  Especially Coco’s (The character, not me!) “brix shitting” ending.

Saya no Uta: I’ve wanted to play this since I heard of it a little more than a year ago.  It sounds so delightfully disturbing that it elicits a mental, fangirl-like squee from me.  Haha, oh boy am I screwed in the head. Anyway, I’m so glad it’s translated!  (Hmmm this reminds me…I need to read more H.P. Lovecraft)

Tsukihime: Finish up the routes I left hanging.  Around two months ago I overheard two sophomores talking about this in the library (rather loudly I might add) and one of them completely spoiled Arcueid’s route from beginning to end.  Just…why?  Why would you do that to your friend?  Good thing I already knew everything he said. =_=

Phantom of the Inferno: It’s like, 5 bucks now.  I heard the password system is really annoying but I want to play Nitro+ works.

Chaos Head: One more ending to go… When I first played through it wasn’t translated yet but I think it is now. I dunno on this one; too lazy to get another patch and save file.

True Remembrance: Looks nice and cute, unlike everything else up there.  I need to give some of insani’s other translated kinetic novels a go too.

Fate/Stay Night: Maybe.  I dunno.

Anything else that I forgot. Recommendations would be nice too

While I’m at it I might as well mention some that I want translated.

Nitro+Chiral works.  (The BL branch of Nitro+)  I’m surprised no one has started translating any of these until recently. The Togainu no Chi manga is even licensed!

The artwork in Sweet Pool is gorgeous.

Butlers ~Meshimase Ojousama~ Haha, this looks lame but I want to play it anyway.

Bullet Butlers: It looks cool.  That’s it.

Let’s hope this doesn’t become an eroge review blog.


16 responses

  1. I would like to do Higurashi When They Cry, Melty Blood, and Fate: Stay/Night personally. I never seem to set any time aside to try one out though, it’s always “someday I’ll get to it…”

    • Ooh I forgot about Higurashi! I think there was some German group translating it but I don’t recall anything about an English version. You should give VNs a try when you can, the first person POV can be pretty interesting.

  2. Ever17 is the most awesome VN I ever played.Okay most Visual Novels i played where crappy Eroges but Ever 17 is really,really great.
    One of the Downsides of it is its length.It breaks your heart to get one of those bad endings after you spent literally hours on the Novel and you cant track back where you made the mistake and have to do EVERYTHING again.

    I actually only have 2 of the good endings since the Takeshi/Tsugumi Bad Ending ripped out my heart 😦 and demotivated me.
    I guess ill give it another time since so much time passed by now

    • I hate that you can’t always pinpoint where the paths branch off. When I was playing through Kana Little Sister I played for a good amount of time in order to get a different ending, but got the same one two times. Dx I just gave up and used a guide and the fast text option.

      Ooh man, I hope I don’t get a bad end and start crying xD If I recall correctly you have to go through every ending in order to unlock Coco’s route right?

      • The same thing happened to me with Kana Little Sister aswell! ^_^b

        I cant check right now but there are around 13 Endings (including bad ones) in EVER17 if i remember correctly and you need to have seen all previous ones to unlock Cocos Route wich is the definite one.
        I dont feel like skipping scenes since i might miss some new informartion but didnt feel like starting over due to its lenght either.You motivated me to try once again !
        Im reluctant to use a Guide for Ever17 since itll destroy its magic for me.

        To be honest I got some wet eyes during the Bad Takeshi/Tsugumi Ending and im a guy that usually isnt bothered by sad/tragic ends.It was just so pitiful *sniff*

        I Love Ever 17s Intro aswell.It soooo great.

        and the random use of German words is fun too 😛

      • Oh no, I’m going to be bawling all the way to Coco’s route huh. I don’t really like using a guide unless I’m really desperate. Same goes with video games because it’s more fun figuring out the puzzles by yourself.

        Hooray for giving Ever17 another try! Be sure to get back to me after you’ve gotten a few more endings. 😀

        I looove the intro song. I added it in my mp3 player long before I bought the game and it’s at…wow, over 300 plays. Did I leave it on one day and forget to turn it off?

        The German words must have been fun for you huh? 😛

  3. Okay ive looked up my Data so far and the Menue Music gave me shivers:

    Endings Cleared 3/11
    Scenes Completed 70/126
    Paths Completed 101/225
    Percentage Completed 48/ 114 114 Percent?LOL

    #4 Tsugumi-Sora Ver. Bad End – Twice!!! *Sniff* so heartbreaking
    #8 Sara Ver. Good End
    #10 Sara Ver. Bad End

    Ill be thrilled to hear about your experiences! Gonna fire my Cersion up Now 😛

    Yep German Words are fun for me evn though they are used in a funky way

    • Looks like someone got fractions mixed up with percentage lol.

      I’m going to be installing ever17 when I get an external HDD. (I have barely any room left! Dx) So I’ll occupy myself with Tsukihime first. But I’ll get back to you. :3

  4. Ughh.. yeah Phantom of Inferno’s password system pissed me off… I had this big long list of codes that I didn’t know where it was left off and what path I was doing. Grrr… but hey I completed that game and I enjoyed every minute of it. Except for inputting the effing passwords in! I played it on the DVD player, so maybe that’s why I was annoyed by it. You’ll be playing it on the computer?

    • I heard that the password systems on the dvds were all really annoying. Maybe I’ll put a little note next to the passwords that I record so I know where I am.

      I’m going to be playing it on my computer or PS2. Wherever it works.

      • Whoop late reply… I think you need the official Sony PS2 DVD remote to make it work, so PC would work better. And make it easier to keep passwords on the computer since you can type it on the side what the password is for.

      • Yeah, computer would likely be easier, but I like sitting on the couch too. Maybe I can switch between the two however I like.

        Dang, you need a remote? >.<

  5. SAYA NO UTA IS AMAZING and it’s short and awesome. Cannot recommend it enough. And I hear you about Nitro+Chiral – wonder why no one’s bothered to translate them yet, maybe fujoshi aren’t nearly as dedicated as the guys? XD

    Have you heard of Katawa Shoujo? It’s an English visual novel about a school for disabled people. It’s surprisingly good for a homebrew game.

    • OOh I can’t wait to play it. x3

      Yeah, I’m surprised that aarinfantasy(is that what they’re called?) didn’t pick it up or something since they’re always doing everything BL related. VNs are much harder to translate though…

      I can’t believe I left Katawa Shoujo out! I use to follow the development back when I lurked /a/ xD. The amount of effort they put in it is amazing and it blew me away. It’s also a plus to be seeing the Japanese going “SUBS WHERE” for a change!

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