My lovely little desks

I suggest clicking to see the full resolution

I suggest clicking to see the full resolution

I spy, with my little eye, something that begins with an E…

A: Elephant teapot

I cleaned up my desk yesterday and luckily Danny’s Contest was going on. But this photo is unfortunately bittersweet.

You see, I found time to clean up my desk because it was senior ditch day, and I had no choice but to stay home or go to school like a lame-o.  I think some people online know this, but my parents are reaaaaally strict. (My RL friends are well aware of this fact lol.)  I’m not allowed to ride in my classmate’s cars, so I had to painfully refuse every offer to Disneyland, Six Flags, hiking, etc. (Each “I’m sorry, I can’t go” was a bullet through my chest :< )

But I made my dad take me to eat expensive pasta when he came home so that made up for it. 😀

Anyway, the photo was stitched together from 5 different photos using hugin.  I have no clue how to really use this program, I just know if I load a few pictures in and it spits a panorama out.

If anyone read my blurbs on DC yesterday I mentioned my desk area was a freaking warzone.  I can’t be the only person who creates more of a mess in the process of cleaning up right?

Its dangerous in there

It's dangerous in there

I really would like to keep my desks neater constantly but I just can’t fight entropy.   Hope my future roomate won’t mind me cleaning up when only when it gets really bad. >.>

I don’t expect to win the contest since there are so many epic desks posted up, but the only thing I really want is this wallet.  It’s just CUTE. D:

Oh yes, here’s a pic of Doji-chan that I colored after my exams.  (Thanks again ron~ for helpin me name her)

I’m using pens to lineart more often now.  I get really fed up with digital inking. ^^;  It might be easier with a tablet but I don’t have one.

Gahh… is it 2AM already?  I need to go to bed.  Prom is tomorrow later today and I’m so psyched for it! I want to eat and party with my friends.  I  think I’ll pass on dancing since everyone does that freaking/grinding thing nowadays.  I’m such a prude. haha.


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  1. That’s pretty big working space you have there.. My room is soo cramped, when I move to bigger place I want something like that, 2 desks hehe 😀

    haha so you really took that name doji chan 😀

  2. @Coco-chan: Hehe, a very Coco-esque post indeed! Is it my imagination or does Doji-chan look like Sailor Moon’s lost little sister? LOL, but if u can get your Dad to buy u some tasty pasta, why not get your Mom to buy u a nice Bamboo tablet, eh? I may have to try out that Hugin app, hmm.

    P.S. {Pssst} Not too much prom drinking, okay? ^_^;

    • I should draw her in Sailor Moon cosplay lol. How much are tablets these days anyway? Maybe I can convince someone to get me one for my birthday…

      I had too much Thai ice tea at the after party and stayed up until 4 AM, does that count?

      • @Coco-chan: Hehe, why not? Although a “Sailor Moon” cosplay wouldn’t look that different, would it? LOL… Well, the Bamboo tablet, if u mean the “small” version, it’s around $100 USD including the wireless mouse. There’s also “medium” size, but I think “small” does the job well. Then there’s also another version without a mouse that’s around $70, but it doesn’t have the smooth rounded corners and only comes in black. At least, last time I checked, lol… Hmm, did it have alcohol in it? If not, did u start acting strange by 4am? If u did, then maybe it counts, haha.

      • @Jay: But her skirt will be shorter. 😛

        I’ve never actually used a tablet before but I’ve heard the small ones work just as well as the larger ones. Maybe I’ll try out some of my friends’ first before I decide.

        It’s hard to tell, I’m always acting strange at 4AM.

      • @Coco-chan: Haha, I’ve got no problem with shorter skirts and smaller tablets! {Nods} True, test-driving a tablet should be cool. Or did u mean test-driving your friends’ skirts too? LOL. Well, as long as u aren’t test-driving anything at 4am! >_<;

  3. When I clean up my Place everythings getting messier in the process aswell! Looks like we are brothers in arms^^

    I wonder what that thing is you blackened out.Doesnt look like it could contain any personal infos about you and i doubt you own a Tenga 😛

    • Woot! I’m not alone! 8D

      It’s a porno mag.
      jkjk, the things I blackened out are objects that have a small chance of connecting me with my school, and I blocked them as a precaution.

      • I actually would have believed the pornomag thing ^^;
        Yeah,that actually sounds reasonable to black out.I guess this means different schools in the US use different Textbooks?

      • @Blowfish: Me? p0rn0 mag? Why would I have that when I can get all my $mut online? I mean, um… nevermind. (btw I’m in school right now and I don’t know if they filter words, hence the $ and 0s)

        Teachers at each school evaluate and choose which textbook to use, so some places have the same book. (The blackend out thing was actually a school-issued planner.) Do all schools use the same books in Germany?

      • Ohhhh browsing your blog at school.^^
        Im lucky and back when I was in school there werent any filters around.
        Gosh that makes me sound old <.<

        Well there could always be a blackout or something and a Pornomag could come in "handy"

        Well over here the books used in school are determined by the state.This means every state in Germany selects a book that they think is fitting for this kind of school.

        The School System over here is pretty confusing for an outsider so i wont get started ^^

      • @Blowfish: Old fart! xD
        Everything non “educational” is blocked. Facebook, youtube, myspace, livejournal, etc. are all inaccessible. I can’t even go on Dannychoo directly. And they log everything you do. D:

        Hmm, I’m not sure if that would be the first thing on my mind during a blackout. I’d be worrying about the fridge or perhaps the rice cooker. (If there’s rice in it that is)

        Really now? Maybe I’ll go and wikipedia it when I’m feeling bored. 😀

  4. Oh! I see you’re on wireless… I know that WiFi adapter anywhere. I use that for my laptop in my room to get access to the wireless internet ^^;

    Jeez I wonder what kind of mess I’ll have when I start to clean my room >_<

  5. I wish you the best of luck in the desk contest as well. I am actually not a big fan of the cluttered, tacky look that some approach these contests with. There are some desks that were created just for that event. I thought about how easy it would be for me to just stockpile a bunch of figures and elevate my desk to epic proportions, but that’s not my style and I don’t think I really have a desk to begin with, lol.

    (Each “I’m sorry, I can’t go” was a bullet through my chest :< )

    Oh, how, I, too, can share that pain. I got lucky and was able to attend some events, but they were really sparing due to the strict nature of my parents. I didn't do the whole senior ditch day as I was threatened by my AP and Honor teachers that there were repercussions in participating in that. I just relaxed at school and just chatted my periods until they were over.

    • How did your comment end up in my spam folder? O_o

      Believe me, if it wasn’t for the timing of the contest overlapping with ditch day my desk would look just as cluttered, except not with anime merchandise because I don’t have that much to begin with. (Compared to everyone else) So I wouldn’t be able to forge an epic desk even if I tried xD.

      You too? D: Strict parents are really annoying to deal with. Mine are crazy overprotective on top of that, and they have this idea that I’ll get kidnapped and shipped off to slavery if I just cross the street. It’s not like I live in an unsafe neighborhood either; we’re constantly getting named one of the best areas to live. My school times ditch day after APs are over and done with, so none of the teachers really care. Except for one who gives a 200 point test on that day, but he passes out cookies in class so I consider that a fair trade.

  6. Love your layout. My desk is only 2-3 feet at it’s widest. The narrowest part of it is less than a foot =.= It’s a triangle stuck to a corner.

    I wish I had enough space for a normal desk! My second monitor (a gift) and my laptop are both on my dresser…

  7. @Coco-chan: Yeah, “Origin” isn’t bad! Especially if you’re a fan of more environmentally-themed premises and dramatic landscapes, hehe… Awww, thanx. But leaping from an indie film to freaky Hollywood? Haha, nahhh, I’m not gonna hold my breath. I might rather stay “silent”, lol.

    • @Jay: Sometimes “silent” is much better. That way you don’t end up being chased by paparazzi and ending up on the cover on one of those celebrity gossip magazines. 😛

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