Warhammer 40,000

This looks a tad bit out of place on my blog...

I went with a friend to Games Workshop today since we’ve been interested in playing Warhammer.   I never thought I’d get into something like this since the closest thing to a wargame I’ve played is chess.

The super awesome store employee walked us through a whole mini-tutorial of the game, and I have to say it seems pretty neat.  Initially I was only interested in modeling and painting, but then I realized if I painted them I’ll eventually want to play too.

Space Orcs and Space Marines

Space Orks and Space Marines

We also got to apply a base and weapon color to a Space Marine.

I still don’t know which army to go with.  There are so many and I’m not sure what kind of strategy will work best for me.  Maybe I can go long-distance with the Tau or all blarghghaghgh with Orks.

Hmm...what to pic

Hmm...what to pic

But ugh, it is going to cost so much money to build a decent army.  If I’m serious about taking up this hobby then I’ll have to be even pickier about purchases than I already am. >.>

Does anyone reading play Warhammer or similar tabletop games?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

All picture except the one I took are nabbed from the Games Workshop site


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    • Necrons seem pretty interesting. Hope the skinnier ones are’t too fragile ^^;

      Seems like a lot of people were into Magic The Gathering. (See reply to aprilius20 above) I never built a deck for myself, but had a few of the cards.

  1. Just happened upon your blog and thought I’d throw my two cents in. I’ve been playing war games (40k being the first) for 15 year give or take. In that time I’ve collected (in order) Dark Eldar, Tau, Space Marines (and Daemonhunters), Orks and Chaos Space Marines (and Daemons). Here’s just a super short (short being relative) break down of the armies IMHO:

    Orks: An ork sucks. A lot of orks is another story. They can pack a mean punch, though I hope you like painting and rolling a lot of dice.

    Imperial Guard: See above but replace “ork” with “guardsmen”…oh and add better tanks. Just avoid close combat if you can.

    Eldar: Some really fun and effective unit choices, but they (as well as Dark Eldar and Tau) take a good amount of practice to get good with due to their very specialized uses. If a unit doesn’t accomplish their goal, they’re most likely done for.

    Tau: Similar to the Eldar, but you can always fall back on your shooting, but not enough to make up for a botched goal generally. Rail guns are great though.

    Dark Eldar: Same story as the Eldar, but some of the rumors about the new codex look like a LOT of fun. (This was my first army and am very excited about the new codex)

    Tyranids: Like orks with less punch and more flexibility in some areas. (Also have a new codex coming out in the not to far future).

    Daemons, Witch Hunters and Daemonehunters: These are kind of niche armies. For the latter two, I’d suggested starting with Space Marines (or maybe guard) and then adding them in later, which is what I did. Similarly, I’d pick up Chaos Space Marines and then add daemons in before going full Daemon army.

    Space Marines: You can’t go wrong with Space Marines. They are always effective and a great army to learn with. Don’t have to worry as much about a failed strategy, cause they may just pull it off by just being plain old tough. Plain and simply, they have the best basic troop choice in the game. Not to mention the amount of fluff on these guys. Down sides: You will almost always be out numbered.

    Chaos Space Marines: Much like the Space Marines these guys are very tough and good all around. They lack a little bit of the toughness of the regular Space Marines, but make up for it with a bit more variety (in the form of Icons and cult troops mostly).

    Necrons: Tough and slow. I mean, Space Marine tough, but slowest army out there. They can be annoying to play against, but another one of those armies that you really have to play a lot to get good with.

    I’d say your “safest” bet would be to go with a generic chapter of Space Marines for a few reasons: Great to learn various modeling and painting techniques, great for learning the game (not to mention winning it), and cost. They give you the most flexibility for your money (add some Inquisitors to make Witch Hunters or Daemonhunters or play them as one of the codex chapters: Dark Angels, Blood Angels, Black Templar or Space Wolves (who also have a new codex coming out)). Plus, you can almost always find a deal on eBay on them.

    • Wow, thank you SO much for all of that that! I hope it didn’t take up too much of your time to type it all up. ^^; I’ll be using it as a reference when choosing what to get.

      I’m going to split the cost of a Assault On Black Reach set with my friend, so I can practice using the Space Marines then. (And the Orks as well)

      Thanks again!

  2. Oh wow, haven’t seen these things in forever now. Years and years ago there was one local toy/model store where I was drooling over these things all the time, never really got around to getting any though :p

    • The store I went to had been there for ages, but I’ve only been in there once before to look at brushes. I wish I had taken an interest in the hobby sooner since I’ll be moving away in a few months. >.<

  3. I’ve never gotten into it as it would be another expensive hobby in my life, but I’ve always loved the work put behind painting the pieces.

  4. Oh wow my cousin has been into these for years and really rates them, it looks like a lot of fun as well, i guess its the only game that you can make and paint before you actually play XD

  5. I’ve knowing about Warhammer 40K for a while but I never really knew what it was about or how you played it ^^” I was always like “Wow how are you supposed to have full fledged battles by moving little figures around?” o_o The customization aspect sounds kind of neat though. Are you allowed to do that in the game by the way? ._. Like paint your own patterns/color schemes/etc to personalize your army? Or is there like some kind of game standard you’re supposed to/should follow?

    • I was confused about the system too until the “demo battle” cleared it up for me. It has to do with measuring your range and a lot of dice rolling. 😛 Apparently you’re allowed to customize as much as you want, so a lot of people give their pieces different weapons or accessories. Same goes with color. (Imagine bubblegum pink Space Marines. Oh dear.) There is apparently a story canon though, like older Orks are darker or something, so I guess some people like to follow that.

      • The only hard and fast rule on painting is if you want to play in a tournament or something you must have at least three colors on your figures. Other wise, paint them as you want, but yes, there is lots (and I mean LOTS) of canon for painting ideas. Here is a lot of material off of Games Workshops site on painting. You will notice the last one is getting start with the Assault on Black Reach. http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/content/articleCategory.jsp?community=&communityArticleCatId=600003&articleCatId=600003&catId=cat210004

        As far as what weapons you can take, it all depends on the army you play and the units you use. It’s all explained in each army’s codex. There are limits on how many of certain types of weapons a specific unit can have, in order to keep the game balanced. But, beyond weapons, you can model your miniatures anyway you want. Some people just go as basic as they can so they can get out there and play, while others spend days at a time cut, shaping and using putty to make completely new miniatures.

        So, in short, you are more than welcome to go pink if you want (http://www.coolminiornot.com/111864). There’s even a Space Marine army (per the canon) called the Rainbow Warriors.

      • @ChapterMaster: Thank you so much again for clearing this up for me! My friend already ordered the Assault on the Black Reach for us so I’m going to look at the codex and the tutorials before painting.

        I’m really looking forward to starting this hobby. It seems like a lot of fun. :3

  6. @Coco-chan: LOL, just when I thought I finished replying to Jem-chan and A20-man, another comment pops up! Aww, yeah, Yoshika definitely looks as adorable as she does in the anime indeed. But I must admit, I never really caught onto the Kagamine twins. Gomen!… Ahh, true, it’s definitely the characters whom the art represents, and not necessarily the art itself. But it’s also tough to evaluate the character without the animated art. Otherwise, a stick figure would hold the same weight! And who would wanna marry a stick figure? Then again, it’s a strange world out there. With or without messed-up soul-harvesters. Just don’t bump into a guy who collects stick figures. Unless he’s fictional, haha.

  7. Not an expert myself but I’ve heard from players that you can never go wrong with Space Marines. One of my friends inherited a Necron army from someone else, and he told me they’re hard to use and needs proper strategizing, but are amazing otherwise.

    I visited one of those Gamer’s Workshop last year, if what the store clerk told me about their paint is correct, it should be easier than painting gundams (non-streaking somewhat outweighs the small size simply I found paint streaks to be more annoying than painting tiny parts).

    • I think Space Marines are the jack-of-all trades in the warhammer world and have flexible strategies, so it’s no surprise they’re a lot of people’s favorites. Right now I’ve personally chosen to go with the Orks since I kinda like their style. And they’re freaking hilarious. Everyone else is all *angst angst angst* and all they care about is beating people up.

      I’ve never painted a gundam, but lord do I hate paint streaks. >.<

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