Oh, my poor dog :(

The following incident took place around 7PM last night:

Mom: “Your dad needs to talk to you on the phone!”

Me: *wakes up from nap and is all groggy* “Wha…?”

Dad: “Coco!  Get to (street name)!” (But he used my real name, obviously)

Me: “Huh, huh? Why?”

Dad: “Bring your cell phone and Treasure’s registration info!”

Me: “…What?”


Me: “Wha-wha…..what?”


Me: “Why?  What’s what happened!?”

Dad: “A dog bit her!”

Me: “WHAT? AGAIN?” *rushes over to the street*

(btw, my dad doesn’t have a cell phone so that’s why he told me to bring mine.  He borrowed a phone of someone nearby)

I swear, my dog is like that one kid on the playground every other kid likes to pick on.  She’s been a victim of dog attacks three times. (Not counting those wimpy little Pomeranians who never do anything).  Her fur is usually thick enough for them not to do any damage but this time has been the worse so far.

Apparently my dad was walking my dog along the usual path he uses, when he saw a woman walking two large dogs (a German Shepherd and a Black Lab), so he stayed a little farther away from them just in case.  But then, the Lab tugs forward, the woman lets go of the leash, and the lab chomps right into my dog’s rear end. My dad had to use the flimsy wooden paint stick he carries around to get it off of her. And that wasn’t an easy task considering the size of the dog.

The woman rushes over and pulls her dog away while yelling angrily at my dad for using the stick on her dog, never mind the fact that you know, she kinda lost control of a dog she was responsible for and it was biting another dog half its size. And it doesn’t end there, she lets go a second time and it goes for Treasure’s tail. FFFFFFFFFfffffffff

Long story short, a big mess happened and the police were involved. The woman refused to show proof of immunization to us and now Animal Control is taking care of it, but they haven’t replied back yet. =_=  And now my dog’s bum is all bruised and wounded. My sis took her to the vet and he prescribed some antibiotics.  I hope she gets better soon.

The vet shaved off some of her fur to reveal the wounded area…

(;_______________________; )


36 responses

  1. @Coco-chan: Holy crap! I hope her wounds don’t get any worse. Hard to imagine what I’d do if that happened to our Guiness the Menace… But why does she get picked on so much? Just a bad neighborhood?

      • @Coco-chan: Ahh, but innocent walking should never pose a hazard. Gotta be the canine neighborhood, dammit. ^.^;

        P.S. Hehe, wandering mixed-up thoughts and ideas? For an otaku? So what else is new? Bahhh, I think my mega-post is a clear indication of my own “random crash” of conceptual fireworks, lol… We should start a club.

      • @Jay: I guess it’s the canine neighborhood. Not to mention reckless drivers too. 😛

        We should make a club! It will be named…hmm….I want a club sandwich now. But I can’t get a sandwich at this hour. But taco bell is open. Midnight taco run? I hope dogs don’t attack me.

        Wait, what were we talking about again?

      • @Coco-chan: A-ha, so u finally agree, the overly-aggressive canine neighborhood! Although I fail to see how “reckless drivers” contribute to the canine attacks. Unless it’s the overall recklessness of dogs and their driving owners? Or another crash of random “taco” thoughts? Hehe, something like “Club Ota-Crash” or “Otaku-Taco”? LOL! Where we’d serve random hot chocolate, hard lemonade, and midnight tacos, hahaha… Maybe Mimi-chan is unconsciously stalking u via hyper-psychic waves via your posts!… P.S. Weren’t we talking about stick-figure souls and hot game villians? Or maybe stick-figure villians? >_<;

      • @Jay: Yeah, it was another crash of thoughts. I was thinking of the dangers of walking around and crazy car drivers came to mind. xD

        Duuude, we should make a restaurant! Hot chocolate, lemonade, midnight tacos, pancakes, friend chicken, and milkshakes will be our specialties. And we’ll have maids and butlers.

      • @Coco-chan: LOL, well, since u already have the “Coco Cafe”, why not open a next-door WordPress “restaurant”? Are we calling it “Oh Tacos, Otakus!” despite the menu variety? LOL, bad pun. I don’t know what kind of posts it’d have, or how tsundere maids and mecha butlers would work into it, but then again, I just woke up a few hours ago. Still waking up. >_<;

      • >Oh Tacos, Otakus!”
        LOL. Why did I laugh so hard. Yeah, mecha maids and tsundere butlers! Oh wait, it’s the other way around….Ehh, I’m half asleep right now too. lol.

      • @Coco-chan: Half asleep?!? How are we gonna open the “Oh Tacos, Otakus!” restaurant if you’re half-asleep! Bahhh, I think u meant mecha butlers which randomly *transform* into tsundere maids… Now start designing the team blog! Cuz I need a nap.

  2. Must be tough on the poor thing. I suppose I’d feel the same if some dimwit pushed me into a wall and I had to shave my head to get some stitches. So here’s to a speedy recovery (and hair growth, I’d hate to have to see a dog’s skinless butt every day).

  3. Dear God Im glad that its “only” some fleshwounds…
    Already thought about the worst case possible 😦

    A pretty similar case happened to one of my patients.She walked her Dog and suddenly a woman across the streets with a lab lets her dog loose by accident or whatever and it goes straight for her dog and rams her in the process.She fell and broke her arm the dog was bitten and the woman that lt her dog loose says its all the patients fault and that they didnt do anything….<.<

    Poor Treasure…Hope she gets well and her new "haircut" looks kinda uh funky? 😀

    • That’s just awful! D: How the heck can any sane person think that it’s her fault? Some people need to learn to take responsibility.

      Just watch, Treasure’s new hairdo will be the next doggy fashion craze.

  4. Oh man, thats horrible! Hope your dog is okay though. I used to know a dog similar to yours, but it was alot smaller. Part of its teeth was missing (or broke?) so the dog always had his tiny tongue sticking out, like if he were a cartoon character or something :-3. Either way, your dog is pretty cute =D

      • hmm, well it does stick him tongue back in for a few times, but then it just sticks out of his gap-teeth after awhile =D

        But yea, the dog’s tongue (at least the tip of it) was usually dry. I remember when I took a cup of water to it and all it did was stick his tongue in there XD… now I sort of feel sad for him 😦

  5. >_< I hope Treasure gets better soon.
    I hate it when some people just don't want to take responsibility and blaming it on the victim instead… Drives me insane and wonders what this world is coming to.

  6. Gosh so sorry to hear about treasure that person with the attacker dog, she SUX! UGH! Hope Treasure gets better soonest!

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