Really random picture because I am too lazy to make anything better

Really random picture because I am too lazy to make anything better. Heck yeah, I got Madagascar.

How are you all doing my fellow bloggers?   I apologize for neglecting my blog reading and writing ‘till now. I’ve been away from land of internet fandom for the past week and a half, perhaps more.   It’s been a solid week since my high school graduation, and what a roller coaster of a time it’s been.  Last goodbyes, new beginnings, cleared consciences, groovy weddings, literal roller coasters, broken hearts </3, pixar films, pooping puppies, messy sewing, late night exchanges, confusing rules, airline tickets, fortune cookies and more. Exhausting, but I’m the happiest I’ve been in years, no denying that.

First off, I’ve mentioned screen printing class (aka silk screens) a few times on here.  And I assure you; I did not only draw and play on the computers in there.

Cute lil’ bee.  Heat transfer yellow, plastipuff black, and metallic broken lines.  Yes, I did manage to learn something.

Ugly old shirt of a mooing cat

I’ve also been working on my AX cosplay along with a friend who will be a gothic lolita.  She’s also my official makeup person.  ;P My costume still has many, many unfinished pieces but I’ll post pics when it’s completely done.  I’ll show off my wig and her skills for now.

Taken on my sister’s “kawaii-fication” webcam. oh ho ho~

I’m totally a high school graduate amirite?

Still unfinished sleeve.

Hi 8]

Can anyone actually tell who I’m suppose to be yet? LOL

Almost forgot; here’s a little bonus pic of part of our workspace

OMG we killed Kenny!

By the way, if I owe anyone stuff do nag me about it.  (my brain is pretty mushy these days) Just send a reminder anywhere I that I can see it.


37 responses

  1. Bees are cool!
    How did you get the Idea for a mooing cat?lol

    Ive got no Idea who you are suuposed to be cosplaying but my otakudom knowledge isnt that great ^^;;

    Grats on Graduating and stuff! Enjoy your sweet time!

    • Bees are cool even though they sting people xP I don’t know where the mooing cat came from. I seriously don’t.

      Since Lightningsabre already mentioned it, I’m doing Nijihara Ink from Moetan

      I am enjoying my time. A bit too much I think. After all the stress of 13 years in the public education system AND extra cram schools I feel as if I’m floating in some sort of dream.

  2. WHAAAA??? Is that really you? Uso! Jeez that’s a long list of stuff happening there. I wouldn’t know where to start? </3? Airplane tickets? Pooping puppies??? Bunch of cute shirts too ^_^

    Eeto… Ink Nijihara from Moetan? Kinda looks like her, especially the sleeve.

  3. @Coco-chan: Whew, finally finished my broadcast so I can comment elsewhere, lol. Ahh, the bitter-sweet graduation melancholy. But what? You aren’t going as a gothic lolita? Why not? Either way, I think you’re right about that “distort-ifying” web-cam, lol. If you don’t get a real camera soon, everybody might think you’re a real-life nendoroid! Btw, doesn’t Kenny look like a nendoroid too? ^_~

    • Yeah, bittersweet, but it feels more sweet than bitter right now. Well, I’m only going one day and I’ve already planned to be Ink for a while. It’s also a matter of how much time we have to make costumes lol.
      Aw, but taking distorting webcam pics is so fun! And Kenny does look like a nendoroid! (I’ve always thought the south park characters would look cute as small figures. Future puchi-nendo set? )

      • @Coco-chan: Hahaha, fair enough on all those points… But still, makes me wonder why u crossed out your eyes in your “14-year-old boy” pics, but not your eyes in these “Pink Ink” pics here. Something’s fishy…

      • @Coco-chan: Ahh, no worries. Back in my LiveJournal days, it took me months, if not years, to finally reveal my self-portrait too… So this post is quite a milestone! First, the big blog-opening day on Feb 27-28th. Now, revealing yourself (albeit distorted, lol) on June 20th… What’s next? Your first Mimi-style rant? ^o^

  4. Eek, you look like a loli in those pics, haha. Erm, first thing I thought- saw the cleaver and went “ah, Rena from Higurashi?” Apparently not, eh?

    …good thing my sister doesn’t play with cleavers, hehe^^;

  5. OMG!!!! KENNY!!!! I WANT THAT!!!!!!!
    Really nice cosplay!!! Can’t wait to see the finish one!!!
    This reminds me that I’m going to die in my cosplay at my next convention here in Canada…cause my friends picked my cosplay as a result of me losing a bet…
    Knowing my friends…it’s not good!!!

  6. Oooh I wanted to take that screenprinting class, it looked fun! Unfortunately my schedule was never right sigh.

    And Kenny pincushion . . . lololol

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