Cosplay Finished! + Pre AX post

The Nijihara Ink cosplay is finally done!

My dear sister made the majority of it because I am too dumb to figure out how to measure correctly.  We also just finished it last night. (lol procrastination) YAY!  Thanks sis!

I’ll be wearing this at AX tomorrow, which is the only day I will be going.   It would have been great to go to DancingQueen’s panel and the DC meetup but I can’t go on Saturday, unfortunately.  If you see me do drop by and say hi, I won’t have a cleaver with me, promise.  I’ll most likely be hopping around with various friends’ groups, but I’ll be with a ~Sexy French Man~ for the whole time I’m there. He’s my personal bodyguard. :3  (No, he’s not a Hetalia cosplayer.  And France isn’t sexy anyway)

Picture spam time:

Frilly dress

The vest took FOREVER :[
I made these all by myself~

I made these all by myself~

Distorting webcam = love

Sis + me

Oh yes, and Unity Mei came.  I’m not really satisfied with the pics I took, so I’m redoing it later.


41 responses

  1. @Coco-chan: Awww… Wait, so you have two sisters? An older sis *and* a pink-haired 13-year-old lil sis too? Hahaha, kidding! But I can’t wait to hear the story behind that traffic cone! >_<;

      • @Coco-chan: Haha, “took it in”. You mean, like a lost puppy? Hmm, a “Little Lost Cone” found by a cute pink-haired girl sounds like a heart-breaking comedy anime in the making! (Thirteen episodes produced by Kyoto Animation, lol.)

      • @Coco-chan: Hahaha, you’re too funny! Not just here, but my blog too! Well, then, here goes… I can just imagine the 1/6-scale “Little Lost Cone” PVC figure by Kotobukiya ($59.99 USD) and the 1/8-scale “Pink Haired Girl” PVC figure by Good Smile ($74.99 USD). Cast-off, of course!

  2. Yay! Finally done! Good job, Coco no onee-san! Looking good Coco! Hopefully no growth spurt so you can wear it again XD Tis a shame if you only wore it once in one day of convention.

  3. Nice cosplay!!!
    Too bad I can’t go at AX as I don’t live near there at all.
    I know how hard is it to make a cosplay…making 3 cosplays for my next years convention (Anime North), and that doesn’t count the cosplays at the smaller conventions held here in Toronto Canada.
    I want to see convention photos!!!
    Also, it’s cool to see the person behind the blog!!!
    Have fun at AX!!!

  4. I like frills, although I don’t really get the… bagels on the dress, haha. Nice work, though:3

    …I don’t suppose I could place an order for Lelouch’s Emperor costume, haha *winks*

    • They’re suppose to be big buttons, but I fail at making them. OTL

      You’d have to fly over here to get measured (over and over again. I went through so many trial-and-error fittings for this costume alone) 😛

  5. you were adorable! i demand those pics you took of us! i would have taken pictures but i lent my camera to my friend’s brother and he wasn’t around 😦 but you looked adorable!

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