Anime Expo 2009

What’s this, what’s this?  My first convention report?  I finally finished processing all my photos?  I finally got photos on photobucket without it crapping up on me? Huzzah!

A quick rundown of what I can remember:

  • Got there around 9:10-ish, ran around for twenty minutes trying to find badge pickup
  • Went to the dealer’s room with my sophisticated French man (Who will from now on be referred to as either Frenchie or Zub,  but mostly Zub.)
  • Saw Shingo at the J-list booth and chatted for a bit. Apparently Heisei Democracy’s “death” was caused by none other then World of Warcraft. Come back to us Shingo!
  • Called some of my friendzies but they were putting on makeup or at home.  Lame.
  • Finally found Raine, who I haven’t seen in bit.
  • Told Zub he better not watch Queen’s Blade. :B
  • Got to meet Kurot at the Artist Alley!  Bought her Anise and Arietta print. The last one too!
  • Found a cool-looking Sheryl Nome cosplayer, who turned out to be none other than Dancing Queen!
  • Wanted to go to the MangaGamer booth (Their new mascot is cute!) to get one of those fans, but it was 18+ only.  Should have made Zub do it. Oh well.
  • Finally caught up with KuroAce and LittleKiwiGirl.  Went to their hotel room while dressed in cosplay and looking like a freak
  • Was picked up by other friends in the area who were buying fireworks from Chinatown.  Ate ramen at Little Tokyo while still looking like a freak.  But it was okay because other cosplayers from the convention were there too.
  • Got back to the convention when my sister already started watching the AMV contest, so I sat around and talked with Zub for 3  or 4 hours. We also played Time Crisis in the arcade but I sucked.

So, in conclusion, it was a day of meeting, chatting, and heartburn-inducing ramen eating.  It didn’t feel as “anime convention” like as in previous years but it was still a load of fun.

Photos that deserve special mentioning:

Before I start,  I’M SORRY MY CAMERA IS SO BAD.   ;________;  I wish the photos could be brighter.

Raine being super cute.  (pssst. She has super pretty model pictures in her deviantart.  Why are my friends so pretty omg)

DANCING QUEEN!  8D  Ain’t she so beautiful and cool!?

Uh oh, looks like my wig was starting to give way. QAQ

Found at the AAA anime booth.  WANT SO BAD.

Oh yeah, and this is Zero who worked with me and my sis for endless hours of sewing. She is super kyoot too.  I didn’t see her that day so I just nabbed this off her facebook lol (With permission, of course)

And now, a storm of cosplay photos~

Megane Rin!?

I like this shot because it’s all sunny and nice

Gordon Freeman in front of a pink house. This totally made Zub’s day. He’s not an anime fan by any means,  but he plays his fair share of games.  (Wait, so why did he go to AX you say?  To accompany me of course ❤ ) Unlike Lightningsabre, I did not manage to convert a non fan to otakudom.  I actually think I traumatized him just a little bit.  (Actually it was the crossplayers lol)

I forgot to ask what video this is from:

Last but not least, LOOT!  I also got Strawberry Marshmallow vol. 4 but it forgot to photgraph it.

Print from Kurot


Directions of Destiny vol 2.1. The book on the left was purchased 3 years ago.  He finally got another out after all these years!  xD

Buttons from Aka-Shiro

The doujin I got was Atasai.  I downloaded it ages ago and I was so happy to find it in the box of Touhou doujinshi!  There was more that I wanted but unfortunately doujinshi over here costs an arm and a leg.

That’s it!

Holy crap, this post took a LONG time.  How do some of you guys do it? D:

Hmm… I think this post makes the relationship between Zub and me painfully obvious. ^^;


38 responses

  1. Zero. We finally learn what happened to Lelouch after R2^^;

    Wha?! What the heck is that thing that looks like a giant steel crow’s beak helmet? Stunned=w=;;

    Hmm, you relationship with Zub? Oppressor and the oppressed (Quote: think I traumatized him just a little bit)? LOL, just joking. Seems like a nice guy, to spend hours at a convention with you that he isn’t even interested in, though:)

    p.s. Ooh, you read Jap? Sweet:)

    • Lol! Aww.

      Oh noez, do I give off that impression? :O Don’t wanna end up like one of those controlling girls who “whip” a man into shape. xD But yeah, he’s a really great guy. :3

      Ooh I read super simple Japanese only. (I downloaded the english scanlated version lol)

      • Ah, come to think of it, I don’t see much text in there, haha. Slowly does it, anyway:)

        Hmm, what would you like to end up as, then? Someone like Yakushiji Ryoko (Just do a wiki if you don’t know who this is) would be interesting:)

  2. Okay that’s it!!!!! Making plans for AX next year!!!!!
    I am so going to Anime Expo next year…
    It seems a lot of people go there too…I must go!!!!!
    Do love the photos!!!!!
    Nice loot too!!!!!!

  3. Wah you met so many people there XD Looks like a lotta fun. I really want to drop by at AX one of these days ^^

    LoL my friend worries about where anime fandom will take him… So he’s a bit more resistant to it. Slowly but surely. Have to get Cowboy Bebop to him, which has a character that has the same name as him 😛

    And what’s wrong with Queen’s Blade?? It’s a touching story… literally, figuratively and physically ^_^

    “How do some of you guys do it?” – I pretty much take all day to post something like this XD I have no idea how it works with WordPress but I’m getting used to the way Blogger does. I have a system now ^^

    • You should go someday! 😀

      Cowboy bebop should be a good choice for someone new. How does he feel about having the same name as a 13 year old girl though? 😛

      cuz no boyfriend of mine is gonna watch that poo-poo. LOL I’m only kidding of course. The anime is inane and ridiculous imo, but if for whatever reason he actually watches it (which I doubt) the most I’ll do is make fun of him for it. xD

      Man, blog posting takes a lot of work!

      • He just laughs at that fact that he shares the same name as a 13 yo girl XD

        LoL I haven’t really finished QB yet, but it’s just silly nonsense when I’m super bored. And some of the stuff in there is just jaw-dropping because I didn’t think they’d show this on TV XD

        Which is why I can only plan to blog once a week at most. Other blog posts sometimes just come randomly ^^;

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  5. I’m ste4aling those pictures of us! i loved your cosplay! only Moetan cosplayer i saw in the entire con and it was so cute!

  6. You went to AX? I only went for 2hs the 3rd day and 5hs the last day ;_; mostly because I was working Friday and Saturday and was feeling like crap the whole week (you know, because of THAT)

    I tried to look for DancingQueen when a bunch of MF cosplayers started to gather, but I guess I couldn’t spot her or she wasn’t there at the time ^^U

  7. Oh man so WoW is what killed Heisei Democracy? It once had me entirely consumed as well! I almost caved and started playing with the expansion changes but I held fast to my guns!

  8. Hey! I’m the Gordon Freeman cosplayer, and I’m glad I made Zub’s day. I didn’t think too many people would find Gordon in front of a pink castle funny, but I just needed a pic for myself, and it came out hilarious!

  9. You met Shingo?
    I thought that he got lost in some hole in the time/space vacuum and wasnt able to return!
    Im envious that you were able to meet up with all those cool people.
    Here in Germany we dont have any cool people like that 😦

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