Might as well make it official

If you haven’t noticed, the time I’ve been spending in the otaku fandom has become infrequent and erratic.  Don’t fret; I haven’t forgotten about you guys and I’m not disappearing.  I’ve just had a lot happen lately in my personal life.

I’m on AIM a lot more these days, so feel free to yell at me/tell me you love me.  My current main SN is cocobeans142.  FairyPresea is my other one but sometimes I forget to turn it off invisible mode.  I also have a habit of wrong window-ing, so if I send you ascii genitalia I apologize in advance. orz

Little yandere girl (boy?) unrelated.


29 responses

  1. @Coco-chan: That’s okay, I already forgot your pink hair. Hehe, kidding. But no worries, life happens. (Congratulations, if it applies, lol.) But why so serious? What exactly is so official? AIM?

    P.S. Thanx for the info! But I’m usually on Google-Chat: xjaymanx at gmail. I’m surprised AIM isn’t extinct yet. >_<;

  2. Busy agenda is the best, so get as busy as you can and don’t worry about internet life (internet life is meant for fun after all, not a chore ^^).

  3. I used to post about 3 times a week, I’m definitely posting less and more erraticly too. Real life stuff gets in the way and just keeps getting bigger and bigger. I tell myself “when things settle down I’ll have more time for blog activity, anime watching, video game playing, and manga reading…” but in the back of my head there is a little voice saying that by the time things are simple again I’ll be retired. Maybe I’ll make my living as an engineer and then become a teacher after my house and student loans are paid off. That way I can get sweet vacations and can live comfortably with less stress.

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