1/8 Unity Mei (GSC)

I have finally completed a satisfactory photoshoot of the Unity Mei/May figure that I won from Alafista’s anniversary contest months back.  She’s a beauty indeed. :3  Rest of the pics are under the jump.  (Pantsu warning, obviously)

Because normalcy is boring, I did this photoshoot in “reverse”, which is cast off to clothed.  This will 1.) Save you the trouble of scrolling down to the pictures of *cough* higher interest 2.) Save me the time and labor of dressing and then undressing her (I’ve been displaying her half casted-off  the whole summer because she just takes up so much room)

Actually,  in the few photoshoots I’ve seen of her, no one has bothered to take her skirt off.  Am I the first adventurous enough to do so?

*~Dramatic angle shot~*

I see a certain white canine managed to sneak into this one


Now with the skirt on.  Nice to see she’s showing some modesty.

Cute little bow.  You can take it off when you want to put the cape on her.

Aaaand now to get the cape on.  Ma’am, I have to decapitate you for a minute.  Don’t worry, this won’t hurt too badly.

I was thinking of the cast off feature of Unity Yuno, and wondered if you can do the same to May.  Surprise, surprise!  Her right bra/pastie can be moved, though I’m too scared to see if you can yank it off completely.  It’s anatomically correct underneath, but it’s missing some color, if you know what I mean. (Unless she’s suppose to be some sort of robot, but then again if she’s a robot then why would she nee-OOOH eroge.  Gotcha)

Although she takes up  a lot of room, she looks fantastic with all her gear on.

The gradients are nicely done

I still dont know what those things are

I moved her from the table since the sun was starting to come out.  It’s pretty cloudy today for summer.  But clouds>smoke anyday.  Two weeks ago the sky was covered with smog and ash because of the fires.

Get your ugly face out of the way, dog.

Her base is nicely done as well.  Better then the usual plain base that’s for sure.

The hat is adorable but it falls off ALL the time.  (Notice the small white dent)  Don’t keep her somewhere where you might bump into her.

That’s it for now folks.  I have another post coming up, but that’s for a bit later.  So long for now~

OH wait, before I go, I just recently registered a Steam account.  Feel free to add me. :3

Bye now, for realz.


16 responses

  1. @Coco-chan: Heyyy, wouldn’t this be your first proper figure photoshoot? Btw, dramatic angle shots FTW! Because normal leveled shots are so boring, lol. Congrats again on winning the figure, and best wishes… just in case we don’t see you for another 3 months. >_<;

  2. I seem to remember TWU or The Inferno Project did his shoots skirtless, but he did it in the usual order XD Oh and hey you could’ve been taking her clothes off in order as you shoot but reverse it when you put it on the blog 😛 That’s what I’d do XD

    Damn… she is looking really cool. Do I wanna track one down and do an impulse purchase?? >_<

    Gratz on winning the figure ^_^

  3. You just reminded me of the time where I inteneded to order her and did accidently order another figure 😦
    Great Figure!I didnt know she looks that nice under all those clothes 😛

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