Boxing up figures (And holy crap, I’m going to college)

I told you I was messy (Oh yes, and that is a shiny new-ish laptop)

Now that it’s nearly time for me to go off to school, I’ve been in the process of cleaning and reorganizing my desk, as well as other areas of the house for my parents to use.  It feels funny seeing everything changing.  The manga that use to take up the second shelf of my bookcase has been replaced by my dad’s wastewater treatment handbooks ^^;

My entire collection in two boxes

Likewise, all my figures are going into storage since I can’t take them along with me.  This is…a very emotional time for me, as  figure collector.  *BAAAAAAAAWWWW*  I’m actually only bringing one along, and hopefully it won’t get lost.

Oh Rin figma, I shall miss you lots. Sorry I kept forgetting to paint your dagger. :<

Ork Battlewagon! Im bringing my 40k models with me eventually. Ill paint them as my hallmates wonder wtf Im doing

Ork Battlewagon! I'm bringing my 40k models with me eventually. I'll paint them as my hallmates wonder wtf I'm doing

Hot damn, I’m finally going to college! In a matter of days I’ll be traveling miles and miles north. As of right now, I’m a biochemical engineering major, but I’m already thinking of switching. Leaning towards maybe biomedical or environmental engineering, but I’ll see. Part of me wants to major in biology too.  Gosh, I’m so indecisive. I have lots to think about. In fact, sometimes I think I’ve been over thinking it. Even my dad has been telling me to stop worrying so much. From what I hear, studying engineering can be brutal, so I’m probably metaphorically shooting myself in the foot. But it’s okay! I wouldn’t have it any other way. :3

*Sigh* It dawned on me as I was sipping coffee last night that I’m really going to miss my high school friends. Maaaaaan, why are most of you going to schools in SoCal!? You guys suck. Imma punch you all in the face. I’m going to miss saying “Imma punch you in the face” to your faces. (;___;) ( I do, however, have one close friend going to the same school as me ^^)

Well, it’s off to start a brand new, exciting chapter of my life! ^^


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  1. What is the one figure you’re bringing? I finished up school as a Biomedical Engineer with a concentration in in Electrical Engineering…all I can say is don’t get too “hyped up” over the classes that people tell stories about students having to take many times to pass. They usually don’t end up being bad. OH also learn to use and worship for your textbooks. But make sure you order them early enough to get them in time for classes! Also…have LOTS of fun as a freshmen, classes got A LOT harder for me as a Junior/Senior and I didn’t have much time to have fun anymore.

    • I was going to get a puchi nendo, but ended up bringing the Rin Nendoroid with me as well 😀

      Ooh, that’s right, I was going to ask you what kind of engineer you are. And now I know! Yeah, I’ve been using amazon and the local used bookstore so far but I know of people who got them on for a good price.

      I’m already having lots of fun as a freshman! The people in my building are all so awesome.

  2. Tis exactly what I’m doing atm.. packing up figures to come with me to uni. Though I can’t box most of em anymore due to the fact I had to get rid of alot of the boxes(major space issues…)

  3. Ahh thats one of those meloancholichal chapters in life!
    I hope youll get used to the new enviroment soon 😛

    Biochemical engineering?Sounds like youll be a top candidate as an Umbrella employee ^^

    • I think I’m use to it already. Haven’t been truely homesick yet though (._.)

      Umbrella as in resident evil series? I’ve never played it, but I’m imagining there may be a catch to working there. Like zombies will pop out and attack me or something.

    • Yeah, campus life as well. The so-called “college experience” :3

      I’m really surprised at how many people I’ve been able to meet in these past few days! I’ll prolly be saying “imma punch you in the face” soon.

  4. @Coco-chan: Ahh, with the potential for more expansive environmental legislation (e.g. carbon emissions, green energy, etc.) in the next few years, anything in environmental engineering might be worth thinking about! Of course, as a technical writer/editor with a degree in civil engineering, I’m nowhere near my college beginnings. Just my two cents, hehe.

    Aww, moves are always melancholic! I have no idea when you’ll eventually reply to this, but bon voyage! Good luck, better health and best wishes in your new (manga-esque) chapter! ^o^

    • Mhmm! I’ve been hearing a lot about the future of fields involved with the environment. The other day I even went to some sort of environmental toxicology event. (Not just for the ice cream! I swear!)

      Thanks for all the kind words Jay! :3 I’ve been doing much better than I expected I would. Manga-esque chapter? A continuation of the traffic cone story?

      • @Coco-chan: Haha, continuation of the traffic cone story? Why not? In that case, be sure to throw in some Battlewagons along the way. Though I seriously doubt a lonely traffic cone will stand a chance against Battlewagons! >_<;

  5. Coco congrats for moving to college! -^____^- I can assure you, it will be FUN! you know, the sadomasochistic kind of fun XD What about taking some figmas? they can withstand a lot more than a static figure and are easier to come by (so if sth were to happen to it, god forbid, it won’t hurt as much). You could also take some posters; I have cut-outs from magazines so I don’t feel sad if they get ruined =P

    Well even though this comment might be a bit late, I’ll post anyways because I like you ^^ I’ve been like you, very indecisive about majors and degrees, thinking maybe I should do something else. Since you’re just beginning, don’t worry about it. You have plenty time to think while taking your GE classes (unless you already took them?). When you take a couple of classes you’ll see if you like what your major will offer (for example I’d never get into chemistry or math majors) so for now just go with the flow.

    Don’t load up your schedule too much, it will backfire on you. For example I started with 5 classes right away while getting a part-time job, just after moving to LA and got badly burnt out. Take just enough so you have time to rest and reflect on where you’re heading. It’s better to have a slow beginning so you can adapt better.

    If you’re moving away from your parents into a dorm for example, and have a kitchen available, learn to cook. You’ll save a lot of money preparing food at home than eating out, I swear junk food may fill your tummy but it sure eats your wallet.

    Lastly (or more like I can’t think of anything else) don’t be a disorganized slob like me ^^U it will come back to bite you in the arse.

    Well I just wanted to tell you a bit from my -meager- experience in hopes of making your transition smoother and less stressful. I hope you have a fun time and keep on posting about your move and your college life afterwards! I’ll keep on watching your blog ^^

    • Ahh, sorry this reply is late, but thank you SO very much for all your words. Really, it means a lot to me!

      I guess what worries me right now is that the engineering curriculum is loaded with required courses, and it’s one of the majors with the least flexibility. 😦 Even my GEs are restricted to humanities/social sciences classes. Well, as of right now my literature class has taught me I can never be an english/literature/language/etc major LOL. Essays = pain.

      I don’t think my schedule is overloaded, but I’m still trying to adjust to the college workload. Certain classes eat up so much time. : / The fact that I’m now *living* with friends is quite a distraction as well!

      Right now I have a mealplan, but yeah, I really should learn how to cook. Especially since I’m planning on getting an apartment next year. (And totally not because I want to impress a cute guy or w/e. Totally not! asfsafsddfs dormcest is bad! Dormcest is bad! D: )

      I’ll be sure to keep this blog posted :3

      • lol no worries, IRL always comes first, I say ^^

        So classes are quite restricted huh, that puts a strain on things a bit… well for now just do what take what you want, after a semester or two you’ll start getting a grasp of what you want. Lol I’m bad with essays too, at least you know what you won’t be doing, that cuts things down a bit lol

        Living with friends is awesome, but you’ll see that it can be a strain too because how a person is outside their house and how they are inside is quite different; you’ll get surprised by some people (for ex. slobs, clean-freaks, etc). As long as general cleaning and respecting your space is laid down, I think you’ll be fine, especially since these are people you know and care about ^^

        A meal plan is great! it will take a load off your mind. It’s always good to practice cooking a bit now whenever you have free time though (and coughcough dormcest is awwwright as long as nobody makes a mess, y’know? =P). You could start looking at bentou websites; they’re a good read not only for lunch boxes but for when you live by yourself, as you will next year.

        This one has a lot of tips and recipes that can save you a pretty penny once you finish your meal plan:

        This one is more about making your lunch box look like cute stuff, but still has some interesting tips that help too:

        Well I’m very happy for you for moving to an important stage in your life (PARTYYYYYY TIMEEEE!!) so I’ll keep an eye on your blog; have lots of fun! (coughmasochistickindcough)

      • Aaah, thanks for understanding! :3

        Yeah, the restricted part is pretty lame, but I think I’ll still find a way to explore around. And yes, knowing what I won’t be doing is a big big help.

        I’m actually living with new friends that I met here; most of the people I hang out with are from the same dorm building/floor, so I know their living habits from the get-go. My roommate and I work out really well too! Which is great, since I heard that my school’s housing assignments tend to have lots of problems. Some people’s *coughcertainguyscough* rooms smell just awful though 😦

        Yessss, bento is delicious and convenient! Thanks for the sites :3 Everything on there looks so tasty~ And I think I’ll be asking my mom and sis on advice on cooking too. (nooo if I make a mess it will be so awkwaaaard ;___; )

        Thank you again for your kind words~ (^o^) PARTYSTUDY TIME!

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