Whiteboard doodles

Whiteboard doodles~

Hello and welcome back to my the Cozy Coco Cafe!  😀

This post is about exactly what the title says it’s about.

The Awesome:

  • Sweet, sweet FREEDOM! If anyone remembers my desk post, I mentioned that I have very strict and protective parents, so this whole “on my own” thing is vastly different from what I’m use to. I like being able to go to the store by myself, thank you very much.

  • The people here are all so amazing! They’re friendly, interesting, quirky, and great to be around. Except when they’re mad at you because you messed up their guitar hero score. Haha.

  • The campus itself is really nice too! I always find myself looking at the surrounding scenery while biking back to my dorm. Especially during evening.

  • Mixing random salts and acids in lab. Especially fun when it results in heat and vapors.

  • Making creeper faces by windows. (My new way of saying hello!)

  • No one gives a damn if you need to go the bathroom during class. I had some pretty anal high school teachers that deducted points when you did. 😛

  • I have time to put on makeup in the morning now. Just because I’m acting like a zombie because of lack of sleep, doesn’t mean I have to look like one!

  • Cows. Moo.

The Not-so-awesome:

  • Dorm rooms that just smell awful! There’s a thing called febreeze, people!

  • Rain >:[ On the day of the first rain of the school year, I went through three pairs of pants because they kept getting drenched. And the wind kept turning my umbrella inside out.

  • Essays! I absolutely despise writing them. I’d gladly trade writing a paper for double the math homework. No, triple!

  • Distractions from much needed-studying. (Actually, that fits in the 50/50 category)

  • Though it’s not a big deal now because I’ve adjusted, it was when I first started: the morning traffic. Bikes, cars, bikes, buses, bikes, people, bikes, stupid people who decide to text while jaywalking, bikes, a segway, bikes.

  • Midterms ugggh. I’m on the quarter system so I already had all my first midterms. Some people still have them this week though.

Overall, college has been hella nice so far. (I..didn’t just say “hella.” What are you talking about? I’m still a SoCal girl! *shifty eyes *) I don’t have any major transitional issues either. (Except that I miss my doggy!)

I really need to find a way to install my scanner software again so I can post my doodles.  :<

I should probably edit my about page too.  It’s out of date!  And draw a new self portrait.

Also, as of right now I’m really eying the figma Nanoha. :3c


16 responses

  1. W-what? did I heard right? cows?? XD

    Enjoy your freedom hahaha! well fortunately I don’t have to experience the dorm life (I’ve read too many horror stories ^^U) but yeah I guess you’ll have to put up with the odor… I mean if you think about it, a lot of students come directly from home away from doting parents who clean up after them, so having to do laundry or cook must be a first ^^U

    OMG Coco I’m with you about the essays, I really hate writing them! especially those that are 6-7 pages long; it’s not like there’s much to write about yet they want you to stretch it it’s so crazy!

    Here in LA is a biatch to commute by bike, something I regret since it would be nice to do so, just be careful (shout some anime phrase, that’ll stun people for a while). I think I’m gonna move to a more bike friendly city when I’m older =D

    Mwahahaha you’re getting converted to the local slang… >=D

    • yeah, even i’m still use to parents doing a lot of things for me too, so it’s a transition period as well. But hey, I’m surviving so far! 😀

      Man, mine only had to be 4 pages so far. I always end up going “….I’ve said everything I need to say! WHAT ELSE IS THERE” :<

      Guh, I can't even imagine having to bike in the streets of LA. It's annoying enough to drive there sometimes!


  2. Are you by any chance refering to well equipped girls with the word cows? XD

    I seriously need to get some sleep.Misread quite a few words in your post:

    “[…]scenery while biking back to my dorm[…]”
    Read bikiniing there.Dont ask me what you are doing when you are bikiniing back to your dorm.

    “[…]when it results in heat and vapors[…]”
    Read Raptors there.Wouldnt that be awesome?

    lol anyways enjoy the sweet life!

    • Haha, that’s pretty cool! 😀 I’m not sure how many engineering students we have here. It’s just that a combination of factors leads me to knowing mostly engineering majors. (And they are fantastic people to be around!)

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