All Nighter Anime Marathons Ftw

Man, I really need to get back into the blogging scene.  From quickly glancing at my feeds, is it just me or is everybody updating less these days?  Anyway, after finals, a few of my friends decided to have an all-nighter party watching none other than….

School Days!  The high school love story of high school love stories!  It was a fun-filled night indeed.  Filled with hot pockets, redbull, and various other shenanigans.

As far as art progress has gone, I haven’t been drawing much.  With the exception of the first picture of this post (which I actually am rather satisfied with, unlike most of my work) and some birthday cards for people…

For my creeper friend^

Made for one of my resident advisers

Anyway, I’m homework-free for the winter break and I need to find ways to keep myself occupied!  So far I have a meido costume planned, more drawing, and cooking. And of course, reading and writing more posts. :3

By the way, does anyone know of SacAnime?  I’m planning on attending, and I’ve never been before. Any extra info on it, as well as other norcal conventions would be great. (Yaoicon anyone? :3)


6 responses

  1. Hahahah hey Coco glad to see you back! I received your message too ^_~ well I have also been very busy (it’s finals week and I have to prepare for a trip), barely able to check out other blogs, let alone update mine ^^U

    Hmmm I never heard of sacanime, but then again I barely bother with other cons besides AX since it’s costly to pay entrance for them all… (I’ll check it) AAHHH YAOICON~~!!! I wanna gooo!!! *cries* luckily I’ll be able to go next year, but that depends on whether life wants to make me her biatch again ^^U

    So anyways keep on updating your blog, so we can keep track of you XD (I’ll try to do the same!)

  2. ‘Creeper friend’? Haha- I’ve no idea what you mean there- are you trying to be nice by not using the word ‘creepy’? -winks-
    “is it just me or is everybody updating less these days?”- well I’ve switched sites, so that would explain why you’re not getting any feed updates from me, at least:D
    Have a good 2010!

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