I’m not really sure how to start this post, so I guess I’ll just start it!

I think have to apologize once again for my erratic online presence.    Thank you those who still keep this tiny little blog in their feeds! (;_;)  I think it’s passed the one year mark since I’ve created this place as well.  I still remember sneaking on to wordpress in high school around this time last year!

Hm.. so what’s up with me…I not-so-recently attended Sac Anime.  It seemed pretty small as I was accustomed to the size of AX.  But it was a fun day!  I managed to get a poster autographed by Chris Sarandon. (Aka the voice of Jack Skellington)

Loots!  Love the BRS plush ❤  Gumi print is from Aka-Shiro

I haven’t watched much anime recently, though I’m considering picking up Angel Beats and Working! next season.  Oh, and K-ON for my source of pure  brain-melting moe of course.  My super awesome guitarist friend decided to watch the first season after hearing Azusa’s solo.  I’ve told him that he has to sit through a lot of high school girls eating cakes before hearing them play, but I think he doesn’t mind.  Cake is nice after all. (Speaking of K-on, I think the preorders for the Azusa figma are still open right? )

Funny I should mention figmas.  I brought my Miku Figma up to school after winter break.  Before the school year started I didn’t bring any figures because I thought they might be stolen.  But what I should have been concerned with is the fact that poseability + removable skirt is a recipe for disaster.

I turn my head for a moment and this happens:

And I had to make this:

“J” is an…interesting fellow in my life.  I’ll leave it at that.

Right now I can’t find the skirt for her!  So I guess Miku has to constantly flash her panties for now.

These past few months have been rather interesting for me socially and emotionally.  I’m a lot more social than I was in high school, that’s for sure.  Someone mentioned that it seemed as if I would have been popular in high school, which is odd considering I was the kid that people knew but didn’t know anything about.  Now a lot of my free time is spent fending off J and his roommate simply talking to people.

During my next term of school I’m not planning on seeing the sun very much, as I think I’ll be rather busy.  It’s too bad considering it’s spring and all.  Who knows, maybe I’ll finally meet someone to be my special boy? 😛  (And J can stop asking me “So..any special boy in your life yet?” five times a day.)

I’ve been dabbing in fabrics and crafts a little lately.  I recently started to crochet and I hope to be able to make some adorable little animals eventually.  Over winter I also made a Holden Caulfield people-shooting  hat.

I would have liked to end this post with some scantily clad girls but I left those sketches at school. :<  I’ll be able to get them in a week though!

Ta-ta for now!


15 responses

  1. Well I’m glad to see you’re alive girl! You made my mouth water with that scrumptious banana split (I never had one in my life) but I have to be strong

    K-On! is AWESOME. I LOVE that show and how unrealistically cute highschoolers are (seriously they’re so cute I wanna keep them in my pocket)! are you thinking of getting the figmas or nendos? btw how about now, do you still think having figures in your dorm is dangerous? I hope I’m not separated from my babies in that way ;_; at least Miku is keeping you company.

    I gotta tell you, that’s one wicked hat you’ve got there! I got a sewing machine as a present, so maybe I should start doing something too instead of letting it collect dust ^^U

    Anyways keep on blogging whenever you have the time, we’ll always be here to check out how you’re doing ^^

    • You should try a banana split sometime! They are super amazing ❤

      Unrealistically cute high schoolers are the best!! It's a nice little escape from reality~ Oh and guess what, my friend ended up getting addicted to K-on! 😀

      I think figures in my dorm are safe, except if J is there removing skirts and putting them in odd positions.

      Oooh you should make some things with your sewing machine! It's actually quite amazing all the different things you could potentially do with it. From small crafts to cosplay to clothing alterations.

      Thanks, you! :3 I shall be there to check on your blog as well!

  2. That’s one colossal banana split! If it’s any bigger I’d have to get on my horse, Agro, and climb onto it to hit the secret spot so it goes down easy inside of me. That or it might actually be a small cup and it’s all a perspective thing 😛

    AND LOL! What a great sign Miku is holding! My friend (or sometimes my dad) would do that to my figures too ^^;

    Dangit… I want that BRS plushie! Gimme gimme gimme! That or show me the scantily clad art soon… k? 😀

    • Oh it was a HUUUUUGE banana split. We shared it among six people!

      Aahh your dad and friend do that too? I’m willing to bet it’s not as bad as some of things Miku had to go through with though lol.

      Oh yeah, thanks for reminding me about that! I have to go dig those pictures up…

  3. @Coco-chan: “So… any special boy in your life yet?” Haha, maybe Jaso~ oops, J hid Miku-chan’s pantsu under his pillow?

    P.S. You should’ve crossed out those 5 letters better, hehe. ^o^

  4. Your ALIVE!!! YAY!!!
    Hope to see you back to your blogging ways soon!!!
    Also one of my close friends is one of Aka Shiro’s friends…well, she’s friends with a ton of Canadian artists and most of them are in Toronto…
    Also, nice hat!!!

  5. Interesting that most of the bloggers I know who dropped off the radar are getting back into the action. Something in the air?

    p.s. that split is indecently huge, by the way. Did you eat it all by yourself?

  6. I didn’t bring any figures to college but I did have a plush and a couple other small figure like knick knacks that quickly were posed into an orgy! I can only imagine what they would have done with some Figmas!

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