I Guess I’m Going to AX 2010!

♪ ♫ AX comes but once  a year

Now it’s here, now it’s here

Bringing lots of joy and cheer

lalalalala…♪ ♫

Yes, I am attending AX on Saturday.  Currently my schedule is to catch up with some old friends and then head to the DC LA Meetup.  Super Exciting!

My costume this year may merely look like a plain school girl uniform that was thrown together with items from Goodwill, but it is actually-

..Don’t laugh guys…


…..don’t laugh….




The idea sounded *heelareeous* at first.  I would pass out envelopes with little heart stickers and get a few laughs here and there.  And then I got a little bored with the idea.  But by then, I had 50 heart stickers.  : /  Whoops!  Gotta see this through to the end now.

So I guess I will be writing my blog’s url on the envelopes and use it as my “card” for the meetup,  Oh man, I will look so unprofessional. D:  (As well as like a little whore.  What kind of girl makes 50 love confession letters!? Gasp!)

Bah.  At least the my “schoolbag” is cute with all those character mascots.

Oh yeah, and that little thing before the jump is to the tune from this old cartoon.  😛 Anyone else remember it from thier childhood days?


20 responses

  1. Be waiting on cosplay photos from Anime Expo!!!
    I wish I can go but I live in Canada…
    Have fun dressing up as a love letter school girl!!!
    Would like to hear the reaction one gets from your cosplay!!!
    This reminds me, to start on my cosplay for FanExpo in August…great what to cosplay as…

  2. ROFL!!! Great idea of a cosplay! Hopefully I can get a rabu letter, yes? XD Oh and in case you didn’t know, I am heading to AX this year, all 4 days ^_^

    Hope to see you there 😀

  3. Hey there, it great to know you. I’m happy I make new comrade today. How your meeting with Danny Choo?
    P.S: I’m the Hen-tie shirt dude ^^

  4. Well I actually think that your Idea is actually pretty,pretty awesome and that Viral Marketing experts would be proud of you.
    Its definately unique and will keep you in peoples minds.

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