1/8 Unity Mei (GSC)

I have finally completed a satisfactory photoshoot of the Unity Mei/May figure that I won from Alafista’s anniversary contest months back.  She’s a beauty indeed. :3  Rest of the pics are under the jump.  (Pantsu warning, obviously)

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I won a figure giveaway!?

For the past few days I’ve been in an ongoing guessing game over at alafista.com as part of the site’s 2nd anniversary giveaway festivities.  The final round for the third giveaway was held last night and I couldn’t resist briefly checking the results during third period today. (Had to access alafista by running it through Google translate because it’s blocked.  xP)  I was ecstatic to find out that I had won the third round and the beautiful Unity Mei!  😀

What’s kinda funny about this was that I was sort of already the winner in the original round 2.  I was going to guess pineapple flavor at first but ended up overthinking the clues. (Fruity flavor?   Could be a trick!  Why would he mention he doesn’t like durian again? Pineapple is spiky like durian. Maybe it’s a hint!?)  Ended up being the only one who chose “coconut”, which was the right answer, but coconut isn’t a fruit. =A=  So to make it fair the round was restarted.  But then I won for reals. It must be fate!

Thanks a bunch Alafista!  And I should give a shoutout to Hobby Search as well for providing the figure. 😀