Really random picture because I am too lazy to make anything better

Really random picture because I am too lazy to make anything better. Heck yeah, I got Madagascar.

How are you all doing my fellow bloggers?   I apologize for neglecting my blog reading and writing ‘till now. I’ve been away from land of internet fandom for the past week and a half, perhaps more.   It’s been a solid week since my high school graduation, and what a roller coaster of a time it’s been.  Last goodbyes, new beginnings, cleared consciences, groovy weddings, literal roller coasters, broken hearts </3, pixar films, pooping puppies, messy sewing, late night exchanges, confusing rules, airline tickets, fortune cookies and more. Exhausting, but I’m the happiest I’ve been in years, no denying that.

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I won a figure giveaway!?

For the past few days I’ve been in an ongoing guessing game over at alafista.com as part of the site’s 2nd anniversary giveaway festivities.  The final round for the third giveaway was held last night and I couldn’t resist briefly checking the results during third period today. (Had to access alafista by running it through Google translate because it’s blocked.  xP)  I was ecstatic to find out that I had won the third round and the beautiful Unity Mei!  😀

What’s kinda funny about this was that I was sort of already the winner in the original round 2.  I was going to guess pineapple flavor at first but ended up overthinking the clues. (Fruity flavor?   Could be a trick!  Why would he mention he doesn’t like durian again? Pineapple is spiky like durian. Maybe it’s a hint!?)  Ended up being the only one who chose “coconut”, which was the right answer, but coconut isn’t a fruit. =A=  So to make it fair the round was restarted.  But then I won for reals. It must be fate!

Thanks a bunch Alafista!  And I should give a shoutout to Hobby Search as well for providing the figure. 😀

Nijihara and other things

I wish to pinch her cheeks

My, oh, my.  Getting distracted again!

Before I post photos, there’s just a few things I need to ask.  Does anyone know of good programs for resizing/watermarking multiple pictures at once?  I don’t want to end up spending 30 minutes on something that could only take five.

By the way, I’m having a kiriban on my deviantart.  Basically, if you’re the 10,000th visitor, take a screenshot, send it to me, and I’ll draw a request for you. (Up to 2 characters, simple background)

My About page has also been updated slightly.   Not sure what to write there lol.  What do you guys want to know about me?