Cosplay Finished! + Pre AX post

The Nijihara Ink cosplay is finally done!

My dear sister made the majority of it because I am too dumb to figure out how to measure correctly.  We also just finished it last night. (lol procrastination) YAY!  Thanks sis!

I’ll be wearing this at AX tomorrow, which is the only day I will be going.   It would have been great to go to DancingQueen’s panel and the DC meetup but I can’t go on Saturday, unfortunately.  If you see me do drop by and say hi, I won’t have a cleaver with me, promise.  I’ll most likely be hopping around with various friends’ groups, but I’ll be with a ~Sexy French Man~ for the whole time I’m there. He’s my personal bodyguard. :3  (No, he’s not a Hetalia cosplayer.  And France isn’t sexy anyway)

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Really random picture because I am too lazy to make anything better

Really random picture because I am too lazy to make anything better. Heck yeah, I got Madagascar.

How are you all doing my fellow bloggers?   I apologize for neglecting my blog reading and writing ‘till now. I’ve been away from land of internet fandom for the past week and a half, perhaps more.   It’s been a solid week since my high school graduation, and what a roller coaster of a time it’s been.  Last goodbyes, new beginnings, cleared consciences, groovy weddings, literal roller coasters, broken hearts </3, pixar films, pooping puppies, messy sewing, late night exchanges, confusing rules, airline tickets, fortune cookies and more. Exhausting, but I’m the happiest I’ve been in years, no denying that.

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